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4 Sunflower-based Beauty Products you have to try

Cue the Post Malone song* HAHA. Actually though, that is one of my favorite song. A great way to lead in today's blog about sunflower powered beauty, an ingredient that is one of mother nature's best kept secrets.

Not only do they brighten up your day, but these blossoms are chock full of healthy ingredients like Vitamin E and beta carotene, which help combat aging and acne, all while hydrating the skin. Oh and don't forget your hair! Turns out its great for that too! Oh and my sensitive skin people, this one's for you. Sunflowers also have anti-inflammatory properties which help lower any redness or roughness.

With all these amazing health properties, it comes as no surprise that some of beauty's biggest brands have incorporated sunflowers into their product lines. Names like Tata Harper and blogger loved Supergoop, are just some of the companies that have infused sunflowers into their best selling products. Today, I'm pulling the best ones for you and featuring them on the blog.


I am in LOVE with this brand. YTP has been one of my favorites for about a year now. I first purchased their kale cleanser back last September and since then have been under their spell. They're known for using good and clean ingredients and have also supported various non-profits while their business has been thriving. This mask has squalene and berries as its main ingredients. You apply it overnight and wake up with luscious supple and hydrated skin. It's a miracle worker for dry skin esp in the winter!

Paula's Choice has now become a household staple after transitioning from retailing fully online to retailing in major department store Nordstrom, this budget friendly brand has been effectively working to help beauty lovers around the country. This cleansing oil not only cleans the skin and gets that stubborn waterproof mascara off, but also replenishes it with nutrients made from both sunflower and coconut oil (A dynamic duo if I do say so myself!).

Ah Supergoop! A beauty bloggers favorite sunscreen! Remember when I mentioned sunflowers were high in beta carotene? Well thats the same reason Supergoop decided to incorporate this gorgeous blossom into their Play sunscreen. The formula protects from UV rays and photo-aging. As always, Supergoop is POC friendly.

Aveda is world renowned for their natural haircare products. This lightweight, water resistant oil develops an invisible veil that protects the hair from harmful UV rays. This helps with dryness and damage. So my blondes, this is for you!


Hope you guys liked these suggestions and as usual if you do try any of these out drop me a DM and let me know how you liked it!

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