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Easy 3 Ingredient Coffee Scrub

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I'm 23 and I have cellulite. Yes, that's the truth, and as nervous as I am to admit it, we all have it. Just to be clear, you CAN be skinny, and still have happens, its just life.

Being 100% real here, the most effective way to treat cellulite is by losing weight, and eating healthy. But while thats the most effective way, there are other ways you can help the affected area. There are tons of scrubs on the market promising to get rid of cellulite immediately.... some even ranging in the high $100's. But theres one ingredient that many of these products have in common...caffeine (Check the label if you don't believe me).

Why caffeine?

Caffeine aids in stimulating the blood vessels, causing them to dilate, hence the reduction of dimples (cellulite). Caffeine also has hella antioxidants, which overall are amazing for skin health. Not to mention the coffee grounds serve as an exfoliant, buffing away those nasty dead skin cells, revealing soft baby-like skin underneath.

But, what you don't know is that you don't need to spend hundreds on a product that you can make in your home for less than $3.


Coffee grounds

Any dark grounds will do. You can literally use your mom's Folger's. I used my leftovers

a pack of hazelnut grounds I got from Adams FairCare Farms.

Coconut Oil

Pick it up at Stop and Shop ladies.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has so many benefits. I got a pump of it from Walgreens. I use it on my

brows and lashes sometimes. A little goes a long way.


Super easy...just mix them all together. Make sure oil amounts are not so large that they over power the scrub, start off slowly by adding about two tablespoons of each oil...if you need to add more, then add more. Simple. Quick. Done

How to Use

After showering and cleaning the area, apply the scrub in an upward, circular motion. You always want to scrub upwards, as this will direct the blood flow.

I recommend using this in the mornings, twice a week, it helps wake yourself up on those days where you just can't handle it! (tomorrow is Monday just saying) Remember, over-using scrubs can lead to micro-abrasions. This scrub is coarse, so be careful!

Please send me pics of your finished scrub! Hope you guys enjoyed this read and let me know how it works for you!!!



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