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Unraveling CBD with Palette Market: Beauty with a Purpose

Okay, so what's the deal with CBD? What is it? What does it mean? Is it bad for you? So many questions and more as I, along with Palette Market, unravel CBD for good in this post.

I'm going to be honest and out-front and always will be with my readers. I don't smoke, I never have and probably won't. I've just never done it, but if it's your thing, its your thing. I know some people are afraid to try CBD infused beauty because legal issues, because they're afraid they'll get high unexpectedly, or just because they are simply nervous. It's totally normal to feel this way, my goal with this post is to set the record straight about CBD.

Who is Palette Market?

Palette Market is an Atlanta based company that was founded in 2019. Their goal is to connect people with highly curated hemp products that can be infused into basic skincare and wellness routines and therefore lead to healthier and more beautiful lives. Their product line consists of both beauty and wellness CBD items; beauty being CBD infused skincare products that range from $29.99 to $49.99, and wellness being CBD extracts that range from $29.99 to $69.99. Their unique mission is to blend art and hemp together, pursuant to their belief that there is a common thread that exists between hemp and art. As a result, each time you purchase one of their products they will send you a one of a kind art print.

To learn more about Palette Market and their mission in supporting the arts you can visit their website here.

I have used CBD infused beauty products before and I loved the results so I thought this was a great way to try something new and to learn more about CBD. Palette Market sent me their eye cream which is helpful for skin elasticity. The eye cream is enriched with alfalfa seed extract, collagen, retinol, jojoba, and PCR oil. You can purchase it here.

So, okay... but what exactly is CBD?

Let's break this down. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which accounts up to 40% of a weed plant. Since its percentage is small, it will not make you high, the ingredient that does that is THC. Without getting too technical into what THC is, I'll briefly go over what hemp is. Hemp is one of the second species of the Cannabis Sativa family (the family marijuana is from). Hemp has lower amounts of THC in it (not enough to make you high), and higher amounts of CBD whereas marijuana has the opposite.

Okay, so the biggest takeaway here is that CBD does not make you high because it doesn't have the amount of THC in it needed to do that. Still with me? Great!

What are the benefits?

CBD has been scientifically proven to help ease pain that people endure from suffering diseases like osteoporosis, any physical pain, arthritis, and even cancer.

Overall, it helps people cope and ease pain.

What are the beauty benefits?

CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. So for my acne people, this is for you! It helps reduce redness, brings down those cysts, and calms rosacea.

CBD also nourishes skin, calming diseases such as psoriasis, and eczema.

Additionally the fact that CBD is loaded with antioxidants, makes it great for preventing wrinkles by brightening the skin and allowing it to become more radiant and bouncy.

Trying the Product

Initial thoughts

  • I loved the bright blue packaging it came in, I thought this blended very well with Palette Market's whole art theme.

  • I also loved that the bottle had plastic to cover it.

  • When I opened the product, I discovered it was unscented. I was expecting a smell something clean and crisp. But I didn't get that here.

  • The texture is very creamy, the consistency is close to cocoa butter lotion.


  • After doing my skincare routine, I applied this using my ring finger, massaging the cream onto my undereye.

  • It felt rich upon application. But it actually felt really good on my skin. It felt instantly calming and relaxing.

  • You can feel the CBD working for sure, it feels relaxing and soothing.

Overall Opinion

I think this is a great cream for the undereye. Its delicate, enriched, with good stuff to make your under-eye area appear bright. I also tried it this morning under my makeup and it set beautifully. Its exceptional honestly. Both the product and the overall mission of Palette Market. I think its truly amazing when you see brands make products that try to benefit some type of greater good with the society, here, it's art.

Follow Palette Market on IG @palettemrkt

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