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The Writer     in Me

Presently, I am a freelance writer for 2 online publications: Brown Girl Magazine and Caribbean Collective Magazine. All my published articles will be linked to this page and any additional features I've been in. 

Vote buttons on flag

Interview with Richard David: The first Indo-Caribbean to be endorse by a political party

Writing for Brown Girl Magazine, I had the chance to talk to Richard David who is breaking barriers by running for a seat in NYS Assembly.


Amazon Live with Deluge Cosmetics

Cooking Eggs

Bringing West Indian Cooking to Your Screens

Trini Cooking with Natasha

I had the opportunity to interview Natasha Laggan, a West Indian Food Blogger. This was my first official article for Brown Girl, and I could not be happier to spotlight this amazing creative, and spread the word about West Indian cuisine.

Click "Read More" for full article. 

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