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Justice Scale

Our family fight for justice

On November 11, 2020, my Grandma, Daiyke Meera Mongroo, an American citizen, was murdered in Trinidad & Tobago. As tragic as her death is, this has become a part of our family's identity. This page has all the news articles surrounding her ongoing case. To anyone that has lost someone to murder, you are not alone. We will never be able to make sense of it. While every fight is different, this is ours.


What happened

November 11, 2020

This article published by Trinidad & Tobago Newsday reflects what happened the day my grandma was found. 
Side note: Other media, such as Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, and Express, Loop TT has covered this incident. I'm choosing to link Newsday.

Several Interviewed

November 15, 2020

Published by Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, this article is the first follow up after everything.


Our Eulogy

November 26, 2020

Unknowingly to our parents and family, a reporter attended my grandmother's funeral and wrote about the eulogy we gave her.

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