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Inside Boutique Caudalie, Meatpacking District

Last week, I stumbled into Boutique Caudalie. Situated amongst the busy highline and crowded Chelsea Market, Boutique Caudalie was a breath of fresh air, both literally and metaphorically.

I am a sucker for aesthetically pleasing stores and boutiques. It's so easy for me to be drawn into them. I felt like I was back in Bordeaux when I walked in. Meant for creating a more immersive shopping experience, Caudalie had their own wine bottles decked around the register (Bordeaux is known for their wine and brandy). Something they also had, was their own spa.

Using natural ingredients in grapes and the grapevine, which is also the main ingredient in their products, Caudalie has created their very own Vinotherapie Spa. This Spa provides a number of facial and body treatments, starting from just $75. I didn't know this even existed at the time, otherwise I definitely would have booked a facial. I love Caudalie's products. They have brightened my darkspots immensely and left my skin looking naturally radiant.

With locations all over the world, in countries like Spain and Portugal, it's nice to know that we New Yorkers have access to Vinotherapie right in our backyards. I look forward to booking a service the next time I'm in town.

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