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The Next Chapter

It's done. No more stressing out about what's due next week, how many pages of the 500 paged text book I need to read, or whether I know the reading verbatim incase I get called on by the Professor. Yes, there will always be stress, but no more law school stress! I've waited quite some time to write about this, but I wanted to be done. LIKE DONE DONE. And now I am, at least for now. So here's a photo of my graduation to celebrate since I have been living in my glasses and my brother's old clothes all summer (I'm starting a new loungewear trend).

I always hesitated on giving people law school advice because I truly believe that the definition of success as it relates to law school is just doing what works best for you. A couple weeks ago, I recently joined a Facebook group called Girls in Law, and I saw a post come up where someone was telling incoming 1Ls to "get their priorities in order" and "start readings to get ahead". A list of comments followed shortly, addressing how intimidating this post was, and yes, I was one of those comments. Never have I ever felt the need the intimidate an incoming 1L student into feeling like they need to be more stressed out than they should. I don't see the point in that. Why are we stressing our colleagues out? Just, why?

I know so many people who didn't like law school because how stressful it was, and while I agree it wasn't worth the stress, I think I grew more in law school than I did in college. I'll get into this in another post, but while I am glad for my experience at Marist, I don't think it was as fulfilling, (besides my study abroad semester and meeting my lifelong besties) than law school was.

I was challenged, academically, and personally in law school. For instance, I was always a yes person. I said yes to everything and everyone and I was always willing to be that person that stood in the corner for someone else. But through a number of situations that came up throughout law school my first year (the pandemic year), I learned how to say no. Academically, I thought I'd never be capable of passing a bar prep course like Wills, or UCC on my own but I challenged myself and I did it. I guess I still struggle with the fact that LSAT was so difficult for me and I doubt my capabilities because of it. I say that I still struggle with this, because this was a re-occurring thought through bar prep as well. Nonetheless I pushed myself. I took the classes, got a good grade and I took the bar and studied the best I could.

Going back to giving advice, I want to start narrowing my brand towards helping law students, particularly first generation. (Still obviously focusing on fashion and beauty, I can never give that up!) I really believe it helps to see someone you can relate to go through this, and succeed. It's so important to realize that success has a different meaning to everyone. I look at success as someone who pushes through every obstacle, no matter how many keeping coming your way. I think that says so much about a person. It speaks to their drive, perseverance and work ethic.

I know everyone is going to ask, and, as much as I do not want to talk about it, here's the lowdown on the bar exam. It sucked. It was hard. It was grueling process. I just hope God has me. I do not know if I can put myself through that again , but if I have to I will and the good news is, at least I know what to expect.

As for what's next, even though I have some things figured out quite honestly, I am not sure. This is what I know. I will be living in Cambridge again, in my studio apartment. I'm excited to really experience Boston as a young professional. Being a busy law student, it's just that, your'e busy. I haven't had the chance to meet other people that aren't future lawyers. I am excited to get my career as a prosecutor started. I am excited to date again, and to have people come visit me. While I am going to have a busy job, I think working is going to be different from school. Honestly I think this is now the start of my "soft-girl" era, and I'm perfectly okay with this.

I have goals for myself, I know that it's going to take some time to make them happen but it will.

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