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YAY! You've survived your first week of 1L!

Sooooo you've survived your first week of 1L?! CONGRATULATIONS! You did it! 1 week down, and you are officially a law student. I know you're tired, I know you're stressed, but this is a BIG accomplishment and it deserves to not be taken for granted. You did it, yes you. You brought yourself here, you powered through the overwhelming socratic method, and now it's finally Friday. I bet you just want to go home, have a nice drink, and order some pizza. Well, you can, and you should.

There's a mix of emotions going through your head right now. I bet you're wondering, what did I get myself into, can I handle this? Don't second guess yourself. You are capable of so much, don't sell yourself short. You're here for a reason and you are not alone.

I was in your position last year, and I still ask myself those same questions. I think everyone in law school does, they're straight up lying if they tell you they don't. Have no fear, because it will get easier. You will learn how to efficiently brief, and read a case. You will understand lawyer lingo and you will be successful. This is just the start of something amazing that is to come, don't be scared.

My advice to you is take a day, whether that be today, Saturday or Sunday and just do something that makes you happy. Call your parents, or your home friends, tell them how your first week went. Whatever you choose to do, hold on to that hobby for the rest of your law career. This stuff is stressful but having something that makes you happy can help you manage stress in a healthy way. I bet you know what my hobby is 😂💄

After you take that day, I suggest you lay out your study plan. You now know what 1 week of law school truly entails. Get a planner, plan out your time, meals, and assignments. Make a google doc with your professor's zoom links and office hours. Stay organized, this will really help you throughout your semester.

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