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4 Small MA Businesses to Support This Holiday Season: A Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

4 Small MA Businesses to Support This Holiday Season: A Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re like me you NEVER know what to get. Yeah, it’s easy to do a gift card, but why not be creative this year? The Pandemic has caused so many rifts between all of us. The holidays are about bringing people together, and for the first time in a while we can be reunited with our loved ones in a safe space. Go the extra mile and make the 2021 Holiday season one to remember by choosing a special gift.

The best part is, that you can get that special gift by supporting these 4 small MA based Businesses. I’m telling you there is something for everyone and BEST OF ALL most of them ship, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your cozy home.

For The Homebody

Neatly Nested- Settled in Southie, neatly nested is your one stop shop for all your Boston homegoods. They have the CUTEST boston themed wine glasses, pillows, candles, you name it. They have recently set up their store for Christmas and I am loving the winter wonderland vibes. To be honest, I am probably going to snag a bunch of those wine glasses for my friends this year. They make the perfect gift and they are super affordable. Neatly Nested also has a cool loyalty program, where you earn points as you buy! You guys better check them out soon because they’re currently running 20% off their fall sale!

For The Accessory Lover

Shop Wyllo- So I may be biased since I’ve two collabs with Shop Wyllo now, but I highly recommend them. If you’re shopping for someone who is asking for trendy accessories this year, I promise they will love you after you snatch a treasure from this boutique. Not only does Alyssa, the owner, curate Shop Wyllo to be a supportive business for female designers, artists, and makers BUT everything is unique! For me, it’s the jewelry, I’m in love with the glass bead necklaces. Shop Wyllo is located on the SoWa Art District!

For The Nomad

Fresh Start The Moving Crew: How about gifting a moving service to that friend that can’t stay in one place for too long? But seriously, we all know the hassle of moving. It’s never fun, often tiring and just a total chore. This Worcester based company provides more than just moving services. They do storage, furniture assembling (great service for the people that love to go Ikea but don’t know how to build anything) moving in and out cleaning and more. This great for a college student moving back home after the summer. Moving companies lessen the stress and often surpassed as holiday gifts. But honestly if someone had gifted me this service when moving to Boston, I would have been so thankful. Also, don't worry about the heavylifting, they also do safe moving in Worcester, MA and all throughout the New England areas as well.

For The Fashionista

Bodhii Boutique: Also in Southie, Bodhii Boutique is a rare find among the standardized American boutiques. For starters, the sizing is amazing. They have chosen from designers that cater to a wide range of bodies, something you don’t find in many boutiques. They have so many selections of styles, all super trendy and amazing quality. Your fashionista friend will love you.

For the Nature Lover

Uvida Shop: Any nature person will love a clean gift from Boston’s first and only Zero Waste store. Uvida Shop has so many different items ranging from bamboo facial rollers, to body soaps, and don’t forget those gorgeous dried bouquets. If your person is all about sustainability this is the one stop shop for them.

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