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5 Ways to Use Mario Badescu's Facial Sprays

If  Mario Badescu's facial sprays aren't already a part of your skincare/makeup routine its time to reconsider that! These sprays are made of natural ingredients that won't clog pores (non-comedogenic). Currently, they come in three scents, Aloe Herb with Rosewater, Aloe Cucumber and Green Tea, and most recently introduced Aloe Chamomile and Lavender. The one key ingredient that all three of these sprays have is aloe, which calms and soothes the skin and is perfect for these upcoming hot spring/summer days...if we get any. They range from $7-$12 at Ulta, depending on the size that you prefer (Travel size being the cheapest of course). Whats even better about these sprays is other then just spraying your face when you're hot you can use them for so many different things.

1) Priming/Setting your makeup- If you have oily skin, this is definitely a good primer to use as it sucks up all that oil prior to makeup application. This is why when you watch those 2 minute tutorials from artists using MAC using their Fix+ (which is essentially the same thing as the Mario Badescu Facial Spray just cheaper) they spray the model's face before applying any kind of makeup. Likewise if you choose to set your face for the day like I do, after makeup application, spritz all over your face to your liking. This will help get rid of the "cake" face, add a bit of a glow effect yet still matte, and allow your makeup to stay on your face completely all day long. 

2) Creating a bolder effect- This is the secret to making colors pop! If you spray a bit on your sponge/brush, dip it into the product and then apply it you will see a major difference in color as opposed to applying on a dry brush. Why not just use water you ask? Water will damage your cosmetics, the spray doesn't due to its natural botanic makeup. **When dampening your brush only spritz the spray about 2-3 times, don't make it dripping wet, this will damage the product as well. 

3) Toning your skin- After cleansing, this makes a great toner. Depending on which one you use: the Rosewater scent is perfect for acne prone and oily skin, the Green tea is perfect for normal skin types and the new Lavender and Chamomile is perfect for sensitive skin as lavender has a calming effect. All three of these sprays are good for after sun care too. To use: apply by spritzing a wet cotton pad and dampen to your liking and swipe the cotton pad all over the face.  

4) Pre-Face mask: After steaming your face with some hot water, spritz on your face to help open up the pores even more. After, apply your face mask as normal. You will see a big difference as opposed to a facemask alone!

5) Pick-Me-Up throughout the day- DISCLAIMER: this is kind of funny but I'm actually being serious. If you're like me and when you're stressed af and don't wear too much makeup on those days. Get the travel size and throw it in your bag and when you feel like you're going to pass out spray it on your face. It makes your face feel hydrated and this is especially important if you don't drink a lot of water throughout the day. 

Whereto Buy?

Thanks for reading!

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