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A Weekend in Boston Foodie Edition

I swear, whenever I have friends or family in town the one thing we look forward to doing is eating out. Boston is very well known for its food scene. Home to nearly 3,000 different variety restaurants, its hard to know whats good and whats not. Heres where I come in.

On a small note, we skipped out on breakfast to prepare ourselves for the other food we were eating throughout the day.



Our first stop brought us back to Italy, well, more like the Prudential building near Hynes Convention Center. Eataly Boston has 3 different restaurants, one inside the market, one on their rooftop "Terra", and one al fresco, "Il Patio di Eataly." The patio is decorated with flowers scattered all over the walls, and formed into a gorgeous arch upon the entrance.


For drinks I ordered an Italian classic, Aperol Sprtiz. It had the perfect amount of aperol and champagne. Sometimes I get headaches if the ratio is off, and I felt fine. My brother ordered an espresso martini. It won't wake you up but it was a refreshing drink to pep up the day. Also this is not on their menu, but they were more than willing to accommodate my brother. My cousin ordered a frose (frozen rose). Eataly offered several frozen drink options.


For the table, the waiter brought out the classic Italian appetizer of bread and olive oil. The olive oil was amazing quality. I ordered the Norcina pizza, something that is unique to the Boston Menu. It had truffles, cheese, mushrooms, and sweet Italian sausage. It was sooooo good!! My brother ordered the tagliatelle bolognese. Topped off with some freshly grated parmesan, the pasta was amazing. It was fresh and the sauce had a little kick to it. My cousin, doesn't eat cheese. But she ordered the Spaghetti pomodoro. It was still a great choice for those who don't like the extra dairy.



Our second stop for the night was one of Boston's newest addition to the food scene. Owned by Saltbae, Nusr-Et opened this past Fall. Since then people have been booking reservations in hopes to see Saltbae himself and to try out a good piece of steak. The most expensive of our choices, steaks are start at $64 and burgers at $30. The food is shared with the entire table, meaning, the waiters share the cuts of steak with everyone. Sides are not included. It was definitely a must try for us, but I don't think we'll be back for a while. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. We even witnessed one waiter getting yelled at by an obnoxious and totally in the wrong customer. This customer ordered everything off the steak menu, and then complained about it and the service. So just know beforehand, it's pricey and expect to spend at least $300 or more.


I opted for a spicy mezcal drink while my brother and cousin went for a classic mojito. Mine was amazing, and so was theres. Bar tender did a great job.


We ordered the spaghetti sliced sirloin, and the lokum steak which was basically wagyu slices. We also ended up ordering two burgers to share amongst the 3 of us, and a side of fries and mash. The steaks were perfect. The sliced sirloin was definitely a little on the tougher side but seasoned perfectly. The lokum was so soft and chewy. The burgers were also amazing. The sides weren't anything special, just an add on. The mash definitely needed more salt. Bottom line: the meats were perfect.


Baklava and ice-cream. The most crispiest, soft, and sweetest baklava I have ever had. So great. We all had our own piece.

We didn't get photos of the food. We were SOO Hungry and just wanted to enjoy our time together



One of my favorite places and the best bang for your buck during our weekend stay. There are two locations, South End and Brookline. I've only been to their south end location, so I can only comment on that! Brunch is served from 11-3 on Sundays AND it just so happened that they were filming an episode of 90 Day Fiance when we happened to be there. Thats my favorite tv show!

For $21 you can get bottomless brunch...just brunch not the drinks. Brunch is served tapas style, so you order the amount that you want and everyone takes their plate once it arrives. We decided the order the entire menu and try it. We loved everything except the Pancakes and the French Toast. Both were very dry. Also their fish taco wasn't anything special.

For drinks I highly recommend their "Bloody Maria" with spicy tequila. Guys we were HUNGOVER from the night before. This drink saved my life. I have had their mimosas too and they are amazing. My brother and cousin tried the Horchata Iced Coffee that came with the cinnamon rim. They loved it.




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