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After using probiotic beauty for 1 week, my hyperpigmentation has virtually diminished

Dark spots. A brown girl's worst fear. They are something I have struggled with for years on end, and no matter what I do, my scars never seemed to fade. The source? Acne. Their source? Bacteria. So, I never really thought that was causes my acne, is what could also help it.


The lowdown on probiotics

At this point, you're probably asking yourself, what are probiotics? Well, allow me to wow you with my answer (science is not my forte!)

Probiotics are essentially good bacteria, consisting of live microorganisms which when consumed, promote health. This is the good stuff found in our yogurt, which helps make our digestive systems healthier and better our immune systems.

So if probiotics consumed internally boosts our health, imagine what it does for our skin.


But bacteria and skincare?

Your skin in itself has its own biome, or a home that harbors natural flora and fauna. We can't see it using the naked eye, but it's there. Our skin's flora is where the good bacteria can be found. But that barrier is constantly being damaged daily, with harsh soaps, chemicals, grease, pollutants etc. The skin is the body's first line of defense against infections and diseases (hence why washing hands, are so important). When applied, probiotics help protect the skin, nourish it, and just make it better overall in a natural way.

Additionally, probiotics have been scientifically proven to increase collagen and elastin, reduce redness and breakouts, and calm the skin after vigorous treatments such as chemo.


So before I spill the tea on how my new secret actually works... let me tell you a little about the brand.

LaFlore is a new skincare brand committed to cultivating the power of nature to create holistic, earth friendly, products that work for everyone. AND YES I MEAN EVERYONE!

" When I was envisioning LaFlore, I had one thought in mind: to create a plant-based, live probiotic product line that would help calm, nourish and be kind to the skin at every stage of life." - Founder Maya Ivanjesku

This all ages friendly brand is 100% free from parabens, gluten, sulfates, silicones, dimenthicones, colors, fragrances, phthalates, petroleum, glycols, and is vegan. In one word, its clean. VERY CLEAN.


Product Breakdown

I broke the products down into an easy step by step process. This process is the basic blueprint for any skincare regimen. I applied everything in this order. You only need a tiny amount (as seen in video) per each usage, as a little goes a very long way. Plus everything smells SO GOOD.

  1. Probiotic Cleanser: ($42) One of my favorite products in the line. This gentle enzyme-based cleanser doesn't strip your skin of its natural moisture and also exfoliates! It feels like peppermint on the skin when applied, so refreshing and stimulating. I put a little bit on my hands, lathered it up all over my face and washed away.

  2. Probiotic Serum Concentrate: ($140) This concentrate is everything. I used this as a spot treatment as instantly overnight any active pimples I had were gone. Its amazing. This potent formula is filled with vitamins A, C, which are great for acne and scarring. It also contains alpha hydroxy acids. Its perfect for any skin type and you only need a little bit. Just dab on and you're good to go! *only use this at night. (serum has live probiotics that work overnight)

  3. Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer: ($85) This hydrating moisturizer is made with antioxidants that give the skin a perfect glow when applied. I used this after applying the concentrate as an extra seal in.

  4. Longevity Barrier Repair Oil : ( $70)To top everything off I applied this lovely longevity oil. It's filled with turmeric, coconut oil, avocado oil and the key ingredient hibiscus. Hibiscus is what targets dark spots, and it's an ingredient Caribbean women have been using for years in their skincare regimens. I simply just warmed it up in my hands and gently, pressed onto my face. It smells just like the beach, so relaxing. You can use this in the morning and nighttime.


Overall Thoughts and Opinions

I love this line! I love this brand. I love everything they stand for. Theres nothing but love on my end for products that actually work. I have never seen one product singlehandedly, eliminate my acne scars so easily. My skin feels balanced, bright, and happy.

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