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Father's Day Gift Guide: The 4 Self-Care Items every Dad will use

Father's day is upon us! With more states opening, it looks like we're actually going to be able to celebrate this one with all our loved ones.

Dads are amazing. They work so hard every day to make sure we live our happiest and healthiest lives. They go beyond the ends of the earth to see us happy. But while they're working so hard, they tend to lose sight of self-care.

My dad is a prime example of this. Works hard every day but doesn't take care of himself. I've slowly been introducing him to facials, which is a big step with him. A lot of men tend to have the perception that its not "manly" to be using products that help them take care of themselves. After watching tons of Queer Eye, and seeing the world evolve, my dad has finally begun to shake off this perception. Its hard. But the sooner you introduce the dads in your life to self-care the more they like it. My dad actually thinks its fun, and he loves the way the facials make his skin feel.

"How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you" Jonathan Van Ness

Mens grooming has become a major game-changer in the self-care industry. Now when men go to barbers,

  1. Cologne: You cant go wrong with cologne for any dad. Dolce and Gabbana Light blue is a classic scent that any dad will love.

  2. Cremo Peel-Off Charcoal mask: Lots of barber shops worldwide are including the peel-off charcoal mask trend in their services. Chances are your dad might have already experienced it and loved it. This easy to use mask from Cremo will help clear up Dad's skin making him look brand new for Father's Day. All you do is apply it after washing your face and wait ten minutes and peel off. Easy.

  3. Maestro's Beard Wash: Great for dads that really need that extra upmh to get their beards clean. You might ask yourself, does dad really need beard wash? Can't he just use shampoo. Well let me clear that up for you. A well kept beard needs more oil than whats on your face, makes sense right cause most beards are coarse. Beard wash contains these oils while also cleaning the beard. Regular shampoo is too drying for beards (think of it as dish detergent).

  4. Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray: Great for curly haired dads or even dads that want to try to get a beachy curl. This even has spf in it for extra protection. You spray it on after a shower or even just after wetting the hair in general.

All of these products are available at Target.


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