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Happy July!! Things to do in the Hudson Valley this month

OKAAAY so that was fast! Did anyone else feel like June just flew by?? I definitely did. We're one month into summer and before we know it Fall will be right around the corner. June was a pretty good for me, but it was busy. I submitted my deposit for New England Law, and been getting all the last minute reqs ready (vaccines, transcripts etc.). I also spent most of my June apartment hunting which was STRESSFUL! I finally found an apartment with my best friend (just signed the lease) and I could not be happier to have a place to live lol. I've also hitting the gym, watching my diet, and checking out the area's newest restaurants and sites. AND I also filmed a new video, which should be dropping on YouTube tomorrow.

I typically have about three days off during the week, of which I either try to get some errands done or catch up with some friends. If I end up hanging out with one of friends we usually go to a restaurant and have a drink and order food and spill the tea. The Hudson Valley has recently opened some amazing restaurants this summer with really good food and great prices. There's also a bunch of fun places here to take your friends and just relax without eating or drinking or what not. Here are some of my favorites.

1) Dia: Beacon: I went here in 2016. The entire small town of Beacon is super cute itself and while I'm not an art person, this museum was super fun and interactive. Dia is a contemporary art museum, meaning most of the exhibits are kind of hands-on (not literally). Many of the sculptures, representing the work of thought-provoking single artists. Its actually really fun to see, even if you don't love art. After the museum, which doesn't take too long to go through definitely stroll through Main Street. There are a ton of cute boutiques, and eateries there.

2) Hudson Valley Taco: This new taco place in Newburgh is soooo good. I just went on Friday with some friends and GUYS LET ME TELL YOU. If you are a taco lover you NEED to try this. Not only is the atmosphere in the restaurant beautiful, but the food and drinks are so good and so reasonable. The tacos are bite-sized and are priced at $2.50. In addition to their tacos they also have some bomb homemade empanadas that are literally made on site right downstairs. So good. Literally so good.

3) Riverstation, Poughkeepsie: One of my favorite waterfront dining places in Poughkeepsie. Their menu is seafood based but they also have things like sandwiches and wraps. On a hot summer day and for a person that personally, doesn't own a pool, sitting outside here by the water is literally perfect.

4) The Walkway Over the Hudson: Getting fit is one of my biggest goals for the summer. I love taking walks on the walkway. The views of the Hudson are literally so beautiful and the 1.28 mile walk there and back makes your legs feel so sore its so good lol.

5) New Paltz: New Paltz is just like Beacon and just like Beacon, theres so many cute things there I couldn't pick just one so I'm writing about the whole town. If you're bored this summer and looking for something to do with a friend definitely take a drive to New Paltz. On the Main Street theres tons of restaurants and boutiques as well. There also some really cute bookstores. Theres also Huguenot Street (if you're a history lover), Mohonk Preserve, and lots of wineries.

These are just SOME of the many things you can do here in HV. Obviously there are lots more, but they just happen to be my favorite. Since the holiday is right around the corner I wish you all a very Happy Fourth of July and thank you guys again for reading!!



Enjoying Mojitos at HV Taco!

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