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Here's why you need to switch up your mani/pedi routine and try Miniluxe

My law classes typically end at the same time a normal workday does, 5 pm. So after 5 pm, that's when my "free time" or whatever free time I have that day officially begins. As I crossed the door into a jam packed green line T, rushing to get to my nail appointment, my nails caught onto my winter coat and broke. I had a networking event the next day and my nails looked horrible! They were so weak from the over-processed UV gel, but at the same time the gel is the only thing that kept them in tack.

I never really used to do my nails. I only started because I had a number of networking events and meetings with attorneys that I wanted my nails to look nice as I was shaking their hands. As a professional young woman, I think its so important for women to keep their nails up and make sure they are groomed and look nice.

But anyways back to my tiring day. I finally got to the nail salon and I just remember sitting there and thinking nothing they do is going to help my nails. I knew exactly what was damaging them and it was the very thing I was paying $50 to do.

I went back home that night and vented to my best friend and roommate, about how frustrated I was with nail salons.

"You should try Miniluxe." she suggested.

I had no clue what she was utalking about.

"They use regular nail polish, but it's their own and their manicures look so professional, like gel when they are done."

I couldn't believe it. I asked her if she would come with me and she said yes. We made an appointment to go together. Perfect spa day right? Then the pandemic hit, and I was stuck with the nails I had previously gotten.

As I attempted to remove them on my own, I was left with deep indents from the damage they caused. Mind you, I removed them the exact same way they do at the salons.

I had followed Miniluxe for sometime on social media now, and I saw they designed "at home mani and pedi-kits" that were filled with nothing but healthy ingredients for your hands, feet and nails. I immediately grew interest. I needed something to mend these broken nails.

But I also noticed something else about Miniluxe. Everything in their line is deemed clean beauty. Everything is rid of 8 most common toxins found in corner-store nail polish salons, toxins that can cause diseases like cancer. Not only are they bad for your nails, but they are so bad for your health!

What are those toxins? Formaldehyde, toluene, just to name two. Formaldehyde is the most controversial chemical, being that its linked to cause asthma, and cancer, while toluene (which, I don't know how to pronounce and should be noted 😂) is literally paint thinner!! No wonder my nails were so damaged!


Let's talk employment

Now you might say okay, but what about the nail-techs working in corner-store shops? Aren't they at risk as well? Don't worry Miniluxe is doing something about that too. They pride themselves in being an ethical employer, redefining workplace conditions standards for nail artists, and techs. They recognize their employees are human and pay fair wages, and have benefits! Miniluxe employees recieve competitive pay with regular reviews for increases, vacation/sick days and PTO, and a 401(k)! Now that's something you don't find at the typical corner-store as often, these employees are taken advantage of by their employers. They are overworked and underpaid for their services. Corner-store nail salons are often cited for human rights violations as well. So when you spend money at Miniluxe you can ensure that the artist that you have is being fairly paid. Miniluxe ensures safe conditions and are adamant about diversity in the workplace. I could talk about this all day since it's law related but I'll move on to the kit now!


1.Lemon-Aid Smoothing Sugar Scrub: $24; buffs out all the dead skin, leaving it smooth and silky. Good for both hands and feet.

2. Miniluxe Perfect Prime: $20; nail polish primer to ensure smooth application

3. Miniluxe Pure Polish: $23; They have so many cute colors y'all! From the rainbow to gorgeous nudes and shades of white, you're bound to find something that you will absolutely love. Pictured above is "Iris"

4. Miniluxe Pure Shine: $20; Leaves your polish shiny, and seals all that gorgeous color in.

5. Miniluxe No Smudge Finisher: $20; Helps re-moisturize your cuticles and speeds up drying time.

6. Miniluxe Nourishing Oil: $20; This gorgeous cuticle oil is liquid gold for the nails. Made with avocado, grapeseed, apricot and sunflower, its filled with nourishing and hydrating ingredients. You can use this on bare nails as well, and I recommend you do too. Also, for $22, you can get this cute rollerball form for convenient use.


General Opinion

For a full and complete review, you can watch my video down below. But in general, Miniluxe has changed my nail game. I loved all the products, so much, that I can't decide which one is my favorite. I'm in between the Miniluxe Nourishing oil and and the Lemon-Aid Sugar Smoothing Scrub. The oil is just so luxurious and hydrating, you will feel like you're rubbing actual gold on your skin. But the scrub, not only smells like heaven but it gets all the gross dead skin off without seriously damaging your skin

The company as a whole does so much for society as well. They take the time to honor women in the workforce, diversity, issues that are so prevalent in today's society. Most importantly they treat their employees fairly.


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