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How I take care of Dark Spots

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

After my struggle with Accutane, a new struggle prevailed...dark spots. I get them from time to time especially if I'm stressed but I manage to take care of them pretty easily. Heres a breakdown step by step, with products, of what I do when I try to get rid of a dark spot quickly and easily.

1) Cleanse with Dove Soap: I rub a little onto a wash cloth and after wetting my face I wipe my face with it. The wash cloth serves as an exfoliator as well. Really simple, really easy.

2) Ole Henriksen Dark Spot Toner: When this product came out, I couldn't thank God enough. This toner is amazing. You rub into a cotton pad and then using circular motions, rub the pad onto your face.

3) Optional* Micro-needling: This is optional but it really helps with the dark spots. I use a dermaroller that I got off Amazon. Its a .25mm roller. It doesn't hurt but it's important that you use it the correct way. First you need to disinfect the roller, for obvious reasons. Using dirty needles can put your health at danger. Using rubbing alcohol in a little spray bottle I disinfect the roller and leave it for about 2 min. The one I purchased comes with a disinfect cup, but I lost it lol. After disinfection, you can roll it on your face. I use different directions, starting off sideways, vertical, diagonal, horizontal etc, per each side of my face. I do this once a week.

4). Alpha Arbutin: The Ordinary, is a brand of DECIEM, also known as the Abnormal beauty company. Alpha Arbutin is a concentrated serum that is at 2%. It reduces the look of spots and hyperpigmentation. 2% is considered to be a high concentration and from knowing how insurance companies work regarding prescription dark spot creams, this is a God send. My insurance company refused to pay for Hydroquinone, which is a prescription dark spot cream. They said they don't cover anything cosmetic *rolls eyes*. But at $8 you can't go wrong. This serum also contains hyaluronic acid.

Sticking to this regimen has significantly improved my skin. These products are great for people with sensitive skin, acne prone skin. Some of them are a bit costly, but they are the worth the expense of your skin. That's my opinion anyways. Just remember, what I use on my skin, may not be good for yours. Try with caution and see what works for you.



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Derma Roller

Alpha Arbutin

Ole Henriksen

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