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How one woman turned her love for cats into a beauty business

Cat lovers this ones for you! If you're new to my blog, or just happen to be reading this post, I am all for highlighting brands that serve a purpose. Whether that purpose be empowering women, helping the environment in some way, I love brands that are committing to serve some sort of purpose.

So when I connected with Laurelle from Lioness Beauty Cosmetics, I knew I had to feature her products on my blog. She generously sent me over a gorgeous PR package with all the brand's lip products ranging from matte liquid lippies to glimmery glosses. But the shimmery glosses weren't the only thing that caught my eye. After swatching all the lippies, I noticed that every color is universal, meaning that it would look on any skin tone. Universality is a concept that beauty brands still in 2020, struggle to grasp. So it was clear to me that Laurelle knew a thing or two about what she was doing.

Laurelle's expertise comes from her experience as an esthetician at the Aveda Institute, one of the world's leading salon spas that caters natural beauty. To give you a reference, some of social media's top beauty gurus like Farah Dhukai are also affiliated with Aveda. After spending years carefully selecting compatible colors, Laurelle took the step and launched her own brand.

But as any entrepreneur knows, launching a brand comes with hardships as well. After the birth of her daughter, Adele, Laurelle faced the unexpected. Adele's father soon was no longer in the picture and like a true lioness protecting her cubs, Laurelle made it her mission to make sure that Adele was protected at all costs. #lionQUEENvibes (I'm getting total Nala vibes here, and LOVING IT). The brand was launched with the name "Lioness" a symbol of pride and protection. Not only did the brand protect her daughter, but it brought happiness back to Laurelle. After all, passion and happiness are the best mix life can offer.

Don't worry dog lovers, she's here for you too!

"In addition to my beautiful daughter, Adele, I have a remarkable white cat, Loki, who in his own way inspired me. I also have this adorable little dog named Mindy."

Product Breakdown

The line consists of 4 metallics, 4 mattes and 3 glosses. Everything is paraben, cruelty-free as well as gluten-free. As per the packaging, I loved how you can see the color of each lippie at the bottom of the lipstick. That helps for when you're in a rush and want to pull out something easily. As for cost, the line ranges from about $3-$11, and there is always has a sale going on. Lioness Beauty wants to empower women, without breaking the banking. In my video I've tried on a few of my favorites. Head to my instagram page to check that out.

  • Majestic : Used in the video and one of my favorites. Gorgeous berry colored metallic

  • Unleashed: Copper toned

  • Perpetual Love: Champagne glimmery metallic, used in the video

  • Lux: Also used in the video, a light lavender shade metallic

  • Lioness: pink hued lipstick

  • Power: bright red-orange, pictured above

  • Tawny: Nude-pinkish brown lipstick

All of the lippies are highly pigmented, creamy, and moisturizing.

  • Binti: Pretty champagne gloss

  • Radiance: Purple shimmer gloss

  • Luminous: diamond color gloss (I paired this gloss with power in my photo above).

These glosses are a DREAM guys! They are hands down gorgeous.


Overall Thoughts and Opinions

It really shows that Laurelle knew what she was doing when she established Lioness Beauty. She literally thought of everything from cost, convenience to the universality of colors.

I'm truly blown away by the formulas as well. They are so creamy, radiant, and hydrating its just unbelievable. The metallics stay metallic, they don't change, turn satin or dry out on you.

My favorite color has to be majestic. My followers and people who know me know that is weird for me, because I never usually opt for red lipsticks. But this glittery berry shade has changed my life!

Overall, I loved these cute lippies and the glosses and I hope Laurelle continues her boss journey and makes more amazing products on her line. I can't wait to see what's next for LB.

For more information on Lioness Beauty follow them on social media!


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