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Reinventing lipstick with Korean beauty brand YULIP Beauty

Still on the clean beauty binge here guys and this time I'm trying out a new Korean Beauty brand called YULIP Beauty. Started by former beauty editor Hyesung Won, a mama herself, YULIP has revolutionized what goes into lipsticks by carefully taking out harmful additives and only putting in vegan, cruelty-free and 100% natural ingredients like organic beeswax/shea butter. Everything added into these lippies are certified organic and great for expecting moms.

"On average women eat 7 lbs of lipstick in their lifetimes." - YULIP Beauty

No, not literally. But they do mean the ingredients penetrate your skin whether you notice it or not. When launching YULIP, Won was pregnant with her daughter. After using luxury lipsticks she noticed that they began to irritate her lips. She felt that pregnant women shouldn't feel left out of the loop when it comes to beauty so she decided to launch her own brand. Her dedication to clean beauty placed one lipstick shade "raspberry" in 5th at the Clean Beauty Awards hosted by Cert Clean. In addition to gorgeous color lipsticks, the brand also launched a lip balm.


Product Breakdown

The lipsticks arrived dressed in gorgeous, sleek, and in true Korean beauty fashion, minimalist, packaging. They are easy to throw in your purse, travel bag, or whatever and very easy to use. I received 3 shades from YULIP, all suitable for women of color.

  1. Iconic: the lightest brown neutral shade in the trip

  2. Superstar: Medium toned semi-matte finish rosy nude, a tad darker than Iconic.

  3. Angry Rose: brick red, but can pass as a natural lip tone; deepest shade in the trio.

YULIP offers a wide range of shades, but these are the 3 that were sent to me.


Overall Thoughts and Opinions

When I first swatched the lipsticks on my arm (as seen below), I noticed how the formula easily glided, they did not dry matte, and glistened with shine.

I then proceeded to apply them onto my lips, lightest to darkest.

  • Iconic: What I loved about this shade was how brown it looked to the naked eye, after applying it, I still really liked the color but it tended to be a little lighter than I expected it to be...almost matching my own skin tone. I would pair this with a lip liner for sure.

  • Superstar: My favorite shade of all. I love the pink tones in the color and I love how they made my skin glow and appear. I also love the shiny finish.

  • Angry Rose: I love how this wasn't too red, but red enough. I'm not a huge fan of red because I find that it tends to wash my skin tone out a lot. This didn't have much of a shiny finish and neither did a matte one. My lip looked a bit dry and I put gloss over it when I was done. The formula was still hydrating though.

Overall, I loved how hydrating the formula was for each of these lipsticks. My lips never felt dry, only with the exception of Angry Rose where they looked dry. I also am in love with the shade range and while Iconic was too close to my skin tone for me, I know it might look amazing on someone either lighter or even darker than me. My favorite shade is hands down Superstar, I can't wait to pair this one with my everyday looks. However regardless, I feel that all of these colors are everyday as well, even Angry Rose. Red can be a statement color, but Angry Rose is red toned, not red itself, so you can definitely use it day to day.

For more information on YULIP Beauty check them out online

Instagram: @yulipbeauty

To view more products check out their Amazon store

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