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Review | Evedare Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum

I have to say thank you to Evedare for sending

me this product and giving me the opportunity

to try something I've always wanted to.

I'll admit I was hesitant to try this. I've only used natural products aka petroleum on my eyelashes because I have such sensitive eyes. While Evedare is natural, theres always that voice in our heads that ask "well is it really? ".

While I've been hesitant, I've also been curious. After seeing ads and some of my favorite influencers promote Milk's lash serum, I wondered if serums really worked. When Evedare approached me with this opportunity I couldn't say no.

About the serum

Evedare retails for $55 on Amazon. It's made with pure ingredients such as red onion extract, (who knew these were good for lashes when all they've ever done for me was make me cry puddles) ginko bilboa aka maidenhair which is filled with amazing antioxidants and promotes overall health, and bergamot.

First Impressions

I really liked the sleek, black, packaging and the logo. The size is convenient and can easily be thrown in a bag or purse for on-the-go. Its also TSA friendly- great for those redeye flights.


After washing and applying my night creams and serums to my face, I used the small lash brush to lightly brush on the serum on my lashes both top and bottom. Very easy to use but I recommend doing this at night or even now in quarantine since most of us aren't wearing makeup. I don't suggest putting on mascara after applying the serum as it just defeats the whole purpose and could potentially irritate your eye.

Overall Thoughts/Opinions

After using this for about a week, I felt comfortable with it. I loved how easy it was to use and how convenient it is for on the go. I did not have a reaction to this and my eyes are very sensitive so that's a plus for me. I also like that it didn't have a strong scent or potency. Since its only been a week I don't see any major changes in my lashes, but they do feel conditioned. Length wise not much has changed, but I'll be sure to update in a month as to whether or not things have changed.

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