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The Best of Makeup and Skincare for the Spring

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

We are finally (hopefully) approaching the last few days of the cold and getting closer the spring! Don't know about you guys but I am just so done with this season! Im ready to break out my spring/summer clothes and makeup. With a new season, comes new products from so many of our favorite brands! Here are some of the products Im super excited to try this season!

1) Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette: So if you follow ABH on any social media, you'll know that they recently just released 3 new products for the season. They've released 3 shades of loose highlighters, as well as a dewy facial mist. Im so excited to try these but even more excited to try the new Riviera Palette which features all spring/summer colors. The color that catches my eye is that cerulean blue color which is basically what the palette is based on. Its called "seychelles" and just makes you want to jump right into the water. The palette starts at $45 and is available at Sephora, Ulta, and ABH online. This is also available internationally.

2) HudaBeauty Power Bullet The Rose collection: Last year around Christmas time, HudaBeauty released 3 shades of their newest lipstick range the "Power Bullet". The lipsticks are shaped with a diamond tip and came in a purple, pink and deep burgundy shade. The pigmentation was just to die for, and the formula according to beauty bloggers was just beyond amazing. She has just released even more shades calling them "the roses". The one Im excited to try is called interview. Its one of the lightest in the range. All the shades look amazing, and more importantly universal (They will look great on any skin tone) and I have no doubt Huda killed this because she is literally the Queen of the liquid matte lipsticks so we know she's amazing. The lipsticks cost $25, and are available at Sephora and This is also available internationally.

3) Ole Henriksen Glow 2OH Dark Spot Toner: GUYS I have found the holy grail product for dark spots and hyperpigmentation. I only recently started using Ole Henriksen products and Im so bummed I wish I started earlier. This stuff smells amazing, and more importantly it works! After washing your face you pour a little bit on a cotton round and just rub it on your face in circular motions. This gets all the oils out, and it works to correct hyperpigmentation. It costs $28 from Sephora and is also available at This is also available internationally.

4). MyClarins Line: One of the most beloved makeup and skincare lines just dropped a whole new cheaper drugstore line at Ulta. MyClarins which is a sub brand of Clarins starts at $25 which is a hella lot cheaper than some of their higher end products and features four products: 2 moisterizers, a pore mattifying stick and a sleeping mask. I can't wait to try these, personally I love Clarins. This past summer I used their beauty flash balm as a primer and my makeup stayed perfectly through the hot humid weather. I expect nothing less from this drugstore version!

5) Farsali Rose 24K Face Mist: Lastly, Farsali who changed the game of primers, moisterizers and skincare overall just released their first ever face mist! It' a mist version of their rose gold drops, which if you've tried then you know its literally liquid gold. Im sure Farrah Dhukai is going to drop an insta tutorial on how to use it but judging from their rep, you can use it as a toner, face mist, makeup setter and however else you use your current facial mist. Its not available for purchase yet, but is $39 and will soon be up on the Sephora website.

So excited to get my hands on some of these products! Hope you guys are too! I have no doubt these products are going to help slay this new season! XX

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