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Why Liquid Eyeshadow is something you should have in your makeup bag this summer

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

From Sinful Colors to Laura Mercier, many brands are introducing liquid eyeshadows to their lines. I was a little hesitant to try these out. Like any liquid product, I thought these new types of shadows were runny, hard to blend, and I would have to set it with a dry shadow. I was sent the new Laura Mercier Caviar Chrome Liquid Eyeshadow in Moonlight Shimmer. I love Laura Mercier, but I was a bit concerned thinking this product is hard to use. But it really isn't.

On first glance, the container the product comes in is convenient in that you can travel with it, stick it in your purse, leave it in your car for touch ups etc. The applicator is also a good size. The applicator allows for easy controlled, application. Like any Laura Mercier product, the pigmentation in the shadow is amazing. The colors are suitable for any skin tone and you technically don't need a primer because the shadows are that bold. (I prefer one anyways, it just ensures that the product stays on the lids and doesn't go anywhere else).

To apply the product, I dabbed three dots of the shadow onto my lid and blended it out with a flat shadow brush. I then blended a neutral color into my crease to even the eye out. The product dried instantly and felt like a shadow. It wasn't heavy, it wasn't cakey, it felt really good. I wore the shadow all day, and it did not come off. I even decided to try it as a highlighter for my cheeks and it blended out really well. You don't have to just apply to your lid, you can pop it in the inner corner for an easy subtle highlight, on the waterline for a more open eyed look, under the brow, anywhere really.

Liquid eyeshadows are so good for easy looks on summer days. In the summer we tend to not want to wear as much makeup because we sweat it off so easily and we don't want that heavy feel. This is so easy to throw in your beach bag and you don't have to worry about it melting because its liquid already! This is so perfect for a touch of sparkle on those days. It also kills 2 birds with one stone as it doubles as a highlighter. You don't have to just use Mercier's liquid shadows, Sinful Colors a cheaper brand also released their own as well. Their shadows are more colorful rather than neutral but still good nonetheless. I tried these on my water line and loved the results. It added a pop of color to a neutral look.

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