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4 Designer Totes that Every Professional Woman should have

1. MZ Wallace:Their namesake quilted metro tote is something many city girls are into this year. It comes in so many different colors and patterns even, like tie dye! Fun right?! The quilted pattern also gives off a comfy yet chic vibe that I'm obsessed with. There's so much room in these tote bags, that the medium size is perfect enough. Thats the size I have and its about the same as a large Longchamp bag. I got mine in hot pink cause I wanted to be a little fun! Too cute! Bags start at $225.

2. Tory Burch: A pioneer in women in the workforce herself, Tory Burch has made efficient handbags that fit literally everything a working woman could ever need. Particularly the Robinson tote, pictured below, has several compartments making everything that you need in the bag not too bulky, but easy enough to carry for someone on the go. The bag comes in other neutrals, making it easy to style with nearly any outfit. Robinson tote is $348.

3. Longchamp: Longchamp's classic nylon Le Pliage bag is something every girl needs. This classic comes in several sizes, but the largest one is a must have for every girl. It can fit any and anything, from your macbook to your heavy textbooks and waterbottles. Its also v easy to clean, just use a baby wipe (trust me I know, a birdie pooped on mine once. While I was extremly disgusted, it was so easy to clean with the swipe of a Lysol wipe.)The good news is it comes in every color imaginable, so you can color coordinate to match your buisness chic outfits. My favorite being the classic neo black. The bad news is the nylon can wear and tear over time, especially in the corners. Not to worry though Longchamp has you covered. Just make an appointment and bring the bag in for repairs. Bags start at $110.

4. Michael Kors: Last but DEFINITELY not least, the man himself. MK has been designing staple bags for working women for decades now. Again like the designers mentioned above, MK offers a wide range of colors, materials and designs mainly being open totes (no zipper) or closed totes with a zippers. With so many third party retailers selling MK for nearly $50, (TJ Max, Marshalls, etc.) it's been super affordable to scoop these cuties. I have two different colors pictured below. These bags didn't fit all my books, laptop etc. But they are great for networking events and easy to carry in addition to a bigger bag (if needed).


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