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Farewell to May!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Hello loves!

After about a month off I'm back! I can't wait to get the ball rolling on all the fun makeup stuff I have planned to show you guys this summer but first I wanted to give you guys some updates!

So May was a tough month. The first week of May I received what was my sixth rejection letter from a law school. The problem was I applied late. Many schools had already filled their seats, putting me at a disadvantage. The following week was my birthday, and my long awaited trip to London. I was just in such a sulky mood, that I wasn't looking forward to it. I felt like I was losing my purpose and that none of my efforts were noticed. I felt like I was living to breathe, nothing more. After long-consideration with my parents, myself and my trusted friends, I decided to scrap my law school dreams (it just felt like I wasn't go. I debated re-taking the LSAT (the weakest part of my application) that I studied so hard for, for a full year. The day before my trip, I decided that I would do just that when I returned signing up for the July Exam in which LSAC will begin their transition to the virtual LSAT.

I went to London the next day and completely cleared my mind. I chose to not think about the LSAT or any responsibilities. It was amazing. I needed to clear my mind. I reconnected with my family in London. They threw me a birthday party that I was not expecting. I laughed with my aunt. I had the best time. I did so many things. My friend and I climbed the O2, had afternoon tea at Royal Albert Hall, went the Shard. I also did tons of shopping, which I can't wait to share with you. All this time I've had there, it made me realize that I still want to have a life there at some point. I figured out what I want.

Sometimes we just need that space away from things to sort everything out in our head.

Thats what I needed.

I came back home on Saturday. After catching up on much needed sleep, Monday I made a drastic change. I decided to cut out any toxic relationships that I've had with people, that be friends, acquaintances whatever. I looked into LSAT prep courses, again. I decided I was going to go forward with the test. I also joined a yoga class and started meditating to help combat stress. Meditation is hard! It's so hard to sit still and concentrate and just be calm. Def a work in progress!

Tuesday I went to work as usual. I am so happy I have a part-time job but sometimes its just too much lol. Dealing with people who are just negative can really test your patience. Some reason I decided to check my email. I got accepted into law school.

Long story short, if it's meant to be it will be.

I'm going to be a lawyer.

Birthday wishes do come true.


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