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How Being Positive Can Improve Your Beauty

Updated: May 15, 2020

Positivity is SUCH a cliche! At least, I used to think so. I used to HATE it when my friends and family would tell me to look on the brighter side of things, have faith and hope, and just look for the best in people. I used to wallow in my sorrows, feel sorry for myself when I screwed up, and just overall be a negative person, and it showed. I was breaking out from all the stress I was causing myself, losing sleep, binge eating, and just engaging in some very unhealthy habits. I was so focused on these bad habits that I was not seeing what could be good.

They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade, and 6 weeks ago, life threw some pretty sour lemons at me. Maybe one day, I will talk about it but for a lack of a better term I was in a bad place mentally and physically. Long story short, I was faced with some pretty big decisions that I had to make regarding my future. This involved looking at some hard truths about myself and accepting that I was heading down a bad path if I continued these bad habits. I needed to make a change and that meant focusing on myself.

You probably noticed I hadn't been blogging for a while and this is why. I really took a lot of time to spend on improving myself. I started hitting the gym with an amazing trainer, preparing more for my upcoming LSAT with an equally amazing tutor, and spending more time with the people that wanted the best for me. This process opened my eyes. I was now working with people who pushed my limits, who constantly encouraged me instead of bringing me down (my family had always done this, but what can I say we're more likely to listen to strangers than our own family sometimes right?) Prior, I had been surrounding myself with people who just tore me down, who just never had anything good to say, who I had to beg for attention. I started feeling good about myself. This feeling, just changed my entire demeanor.

My attitude on life became much more positive. I started waking up every day realizing that the day itself mattered. I started looking for the good in things rather than the bad. I started being appreciative of the time and things I have as opposed to being annoyed or upset about them. I'm not perfect and there are bad days, but these small attitude changes have made the biggest difference. My family and friends have noticed and said I look healthier, happier, and I radiate. Physically, I haven't been breaking out as much (hormones), I have been catching up on my sleep, eating healthier foods (occasionally having cookies and ice-cream, drinking lots of water and now having good habits instead of bad.

This isn't a typical beauty post but the message

is the same. If you want to look better, you need to feel better about yourself. Your mentality effects you physically. I know it's hard making that mental shift from negative to positive and I know how you might feel about falling into the world of #positivevibesonly memes but you don't have to fall into that world. No one is out here telling you to be all "peace love and happiness", just do whats best for you. It's that simple and it makes you much more the beautiful person you are.

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