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How to Travel like a Pro: Tips for easing the stress of traveling

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Summertime, a time for sunscreen, bonfires, and vacations! Whether you're taking a trip this summer to the Jersey Shore or going away internationally, you're going to want a few pointers before then. I've been traveling since I was learning to walk and BELIEVE ME, it never goes as planned. I feel like we all picture the way things are going to happen in our head and it just NEVER goes that way...well for me anyways. Traveling is stressful, but it can be exciting and relaxing as well. And quite honestly, we have to be prepared for whatever happens and I'm going to help you be ready.

1) Flexibility is key! I cannot stress more than enough, the need to have a flexible mindset whilst traveling is so important. If you're not flexible, I'm telling you right now to cancel your trip. You won't enjoy it. Stuff never goes as planned because things happen. Flights get delayed, theres traffic, mother nature interferes, you need to be willing to accept that things are going to happen that you cannot control. Your mindset has a great impact on your trip!

2) Call your credit cards: I don't tend to use much cash, I still bring it but I tend to use cards more. My reasoning behind it is if someone steals your card, its quite easy to just call your bank and request a new one to be sent. The good news is that most banks are equipped with the technology to recognize that if your card is being used in an unfamiliar place. The bad news is some card companies will block the charge and any further charges until you call them to confirm its you making the purchase. 48 hours prior to your trip you need to notify your card company/bank that you will be traveling and intend on making a purchase.

3) Take important travel documents: Might seem dumb but this happens more than often. Mae sure you have your passport (if you're traveling internationally.) and ID. If you are/were a student (still look young) bring your student ID lots of places give student discount for tours etc. Remember to check your passport dates and do not wait until the last minute to renew your passport. If you need a visa, remember to apply for that. Starting next year anyone traveling to Europe will need to complete a form online for $10. It isn't a visa but its important to know what is needed where you are going. Also take any insurance information, as I said in point number 1, things happen. Sometimes....they are bad things. I once caught a bad stomach bug while we were on a cruise and had to go see the doctor on the ship. While on the cruise ship everything was included and I did not have a copay, but thats their policy, in some other areas, the policy isn't the same.

4) Packing: I have several tips for packing. Firstly, Pack all the toiletries you need, makeup included. We want to look our best on vacation and a girl has to do what she has to do. However regarding shoes, pack 3 : a pair of going out shoes, sandals, sneakers. Sandals and sneakers are great with any outfit, and are comfortable. Vacations are not the time to try new things out, especially new shoes. If something goes wrong, chances are you're not exactly in a position to go get a new pair of shoes, medicine etc. Moving on to clothing: Make sure to pack a light jacket, umbrella, pjs, socks, etc. Depending on how long you're going for, bring pieces that you can mix and match and create new outfits with...most importantly bring things to stunt for the gram (lets be real). Also be aware that you might buy thing where you're going that you can wear whilst on vacation.

5) Bags: Ladies I suggest you bring a large tote or a backpack on the plane. In my Longchamp I can fit literally my whole life in the weights a lot but it helps. You can bring food in your carry-on, so I put snacks in there, any of my under 3 oz makeup, hand sanitizer (I am a germaphobe when it comes to planes) a chapstick, hand lotion, and a lipstick. I also can fit my I-pad, my chargers, any books, wallet/passport. After arriving to where I need to be, I switch over to a cross-body or a smaller bag. Cross bodies are great for preventing theft. I put anything important in the safe provided by the hotel.

6) Bring things to pass the time: Being real here, traveling can be long. Like really, really, long and if you are like me then sleeping doesn't come easy. If you can fall asleep in an instant then great. While most planes nowadays have TVs, some still don't. (I know, its shocking really, but the 7 hour flight from Stewart to Dublin didn't have tv's) Take stuff to entertain yourself, books, magazines, downloading Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, etc. I promise you boredom is real.

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy your trip. Vacations are a time for us to escape reality and become centered with what's most important: quality time (with ourselves and whoever we're traveling with). This is a time for you to forget about your problems back home, for little while anyways and just relax. Wherever you're going, have fun!



My fam and I in Florence in 2016! Im happy to say we're avid travelers and my wisdom comes from them!

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