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Screaming for Nightfood Ice-Cream

Earlier this weekend I received an e-mail from Nightfood Ice-cream, a New England based ice-cream manufacturer who has totally revolutionized night time ice-cream. This ice-cream is formulated with sleep in mind. What does that mean? Well theres no sleep aids or drugs or anything like that if that's what you're wondering. Heres what I mean.

I don't know about you guys, but my stomach tends to feel extremely heavy after I eat ice-cream. I LOVE ice-cream, especially now with the warmer weather out, but sometimes I get nervous about eating it at night especially since I feel so bloated after. Nightfood claims to have revolutionized this; creating a new type of ice-cream that is less sugar, less fat based, more protein and more fiber, has minerals and digestive enzymes, and made with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Sounds great right? Well here are my thoughts.

"Healthy" ice-cream has been the world's latest trend since Halo Top has come out. But, I never quite fancied it because when I tried Halo Top (the first and last time), I felt like I was eating protein powder in an ice-cream form. The ice-cream tasted fake almost. I want to be able to feel like I'm eating an actual ice-cream, without all the unnecessary guilt. So when I tried Nightfood, I was comparing it to Halo Top.

I got two flavors, "After dinner mint chip" and "Cookies 'N' Dreams." Oddly enough, Nightfood was nearly sold out on GoPuff, and Shaws. In New England, you can find it at Shaws, Star Market, GoPuff, Lowes Foods, and Harristeeter. After I brought it home and had dinner, I per usual, was craving something sweet. Guess which one I went for first? You got it, cookies 'n' dreams. Obviously the flavor is geared towards cookies and cream, so I was expecting to taste a delicious Oreo decked in sweet vanilla ice-cream. So here goes, one spoon in and yummy oreos crowd my palette. A pint later (no one can judge me in quarantine) and I find myself devouring every little drop. Given, the pints are a little smaller than say a regular pint of Haagen Daaz. So it didn't feel like that much to me.

To each their own with ice-cream, but if you're looking to find something that lets you endulge in a guilty pleasure while not obsessing over calories and bloatedness, I'd try Nightfood. Again this hasn't been brought to the tri-state area yet but I'm sure it will be given that this has been a popular success. You can get your own free pint by clicking here.

Nightfood Ice Cream

IG: @therealnightfood

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